Árni Ólafur Jónsson


Árni Ólafur Jónsson is an Icelandic chef. He wanted to become a chef from a young age and went to culinary school in Iceland when he was 16 years old, but chose to instead to a major in Business Administration. While living in New York, Árni decided to make his childhood dream come true and studied the culinary arts at the French Culinary Institute in New York.

After graduating from culinary school with distinction, Árni seized the opportunity to intern at Wyebrook Farm in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania. It practices sustainable agriculture and has a diverse polyculture, using rotational grazing to raise cattle, pigs, chickens and turkeys. There he quenched his thirst for more knowledge about ingredients he was using in the kitchen every day and got a deep respect for the effort farmers put into producing good quality food.

While working as a line cook at Park Avenue Summer (Autumn, Winter, Spring) in New York, Árni met husband and wife, Guðni and Bryndís, at a party in Iceland and they asked him if he was interested in hosting a food show about a cook that moves to the countryside and lives of the fat of the land. Reluctant at first, Árni joined the adventure that would later become Hið blómlega bú (e. The Fruitful Farm). Árni’s aim to work with local ingredients wherever he goes and exploring what nature has to offer makes him the perfect residence chef during the Disko Arts Festival.