All the Days of Our Lives

All the Days of Our Lives is a Disko Arts Festival co-production with Nordwind Festival (Germany), Silent Green (Germany), Kampnagel (Germany) and Q Dance Company (Nigeria). The piece was initiated during Disko Arts Festival 2017 and further developed in Berlin and Hamburg late 2017, with planned workshops in Lagos in February 2018. It will premiere in Kampnagel later the same year.

Thematically, All the Days of Our Lives is casted in between blasphemy and a violent disobedience, in a bid to undo the layers of violence and domination by another over another. This piece isn’t a call to action of any sort, it is in fact a call to inaction and to inflect upon the new being that European migration have created of us all over the last century of colonisation, how those new humans have created orphans who now migrated equally and people the global capitals, with a crude legitimacy for being there. 

This project is a quest to establish a new tribe, a tribe devoid of stereotypes and preconceived notion. A tribe of singing, dancing and theatrical nomads holding hands from Nigeria, to Greenland, Iceland and Germany, enlarging the circle in search of the new being.

Cast / team:
Q Dance Company Lagos
Varna Marianne Nielsen Apaloo
Arnbjörg Maria Danielsen
Kimmernaq Kjeldsen
Qudus Onikeku
Hans Henrik Suersaq Poulsen
Mike Thomsen