Qudus Onikeku

Qudus Onikeku was born in Lagos in 1984, he is the founder and Artistic director of YK Projects Paris and QDanceCenter Lagos. Qudus is a graduate of Centre National des Art de Citrque in France, and works as a choreographer, performer, writer, film maker and teacher. He began his quest into body expression since the age of 5, when he began a self training as an acrobat, and at 13 he began a dance career while in high school in Surulere area of Lagos. For two decades now, he has retained a significant presence in the Nigerian art scene, and become part of the new distinct voices rising from Africa. He is known in Europe, Asia, in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean for his works, teachings, writings research projects, social media engagement and public space happenings.

After rigorous training, both as a student and as a dancer, under international choreographers and directors, Qudus began a solo career in 2006. Through his international artistic engagements, his interest has been more and more drawn towards the aesthetics and artistry of African peoples in general, both within the continent and in the diaspora. His visceral practice of dance, and engagement with the processes of decolonization, past understanding and newer knowledge production, has led him into developing a research based practice, on the body’s capacity to store memories and inherited traumas, and to eventually restore and heal both the dancer and the audience alike during every performance, in the hope to rewrite the past and remember the future.

Qudus’ highly daring and inspiring body of work has won him various awards globally and afforded him a reputable place within today’s art world. Qudus presently shares his time between Lagos (QDance Center), Paris (YK Projects) and touring.